Extremely Fast

Our approach is different.
In our platform, you decide the rules, so everyone that creates emails, can focus on the email itself instead of being distracted with design decisions or how it will look in email clients


8x Faster

We have built the platform with speed in mind. The less you click, the more time you have to type. That is why our customers experience an increased speed in their production time. 

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Drag & Drop

Bring your vision to life. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our time-saving drag & drop feature, where you can tune the settings to increase the workflow.

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design the impossible

With Better Email, you have the freedom of creating templates that works with any system, because we never touch the code. That is why we are the only platform supporting real background images and responsive buttons with rounded corners

Work Together

Collaboration is the key to success.
Work faster, and improve your content together

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Invite Your team in

Never before has it been possible for anyone, without experience, to create emails. With Better, you can simply invite them in, without worrying about anything.

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Our powerful image service makes it possible to crop images to pixel-perfection, auto insert images on top of each other like a play button.

Worry-free emails

Better Email is build with stability and security in mind, so you can let your creativity grow, without worrying about anything

email image-163kbemail image-78kb


We protect you against Gmail clipping, that happens when your code is more than 102kb. Your emails are by default minified, which means that empty spaces in the code are deleted, slimming down the size of more than 30%.

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1 MB                       235KB


You won’t be able to see the difference, but your receivers will feel it, when the images in your email loads with extreme speed. Our non-destructive image compressor is market leading, and it all happens automatically when uploading an image.

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Spam Secure

You can be sure that your emails are optimized against being flagged as spam when scanned by different spam filters. We check regularly for changes in the industry and apply them free of charge.

Organise people & Folders

With folders, you can restrict or allow access.
Never before have your campaigns been more structured

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2 Click
Folder structure

Structure is everything when sending campaigns. With only 2 clicks, you can organize those Christmas campaigns or create a personal folder for your ideas 

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Access or not

Create folders with specific user access. This is a great way to improve your content without it being available for anyone.

Powerful images

Delete that photoshop subscription, because in Better, you can easily do all the editing without ever leaving the platform.

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Retina images

Your receivers will never see a blurry image on their smartphone, as Better Email have built in a Retina image optimizer. Your products and images will look sharp and vibrant as ever.

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Crop & Trim

Edit your image directly inside Better Email. Create pixel-perfect images, or simply adjust the image to the height of your text. Maybe you could even save yourself that photoshop license.


Wow effect


Better Email supports background images that work perfectly in Outlook. Now you can finally have good-looking text on top of an image, without compromising the mobile version of your design.

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