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Brand identity

When guidlines cannot be compromised in a world of recognision and trust

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Interactive elements

When gamification and exploration is the key element to gain more interaction in campaigns

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No photoshop needed

When it is important that everyone on the team  can create  emails with no editing skills

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‘WOW’ effect for everyone

When features helps bring the content to life with interaction and storytelling

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Dreams in emails

When the design lets your recievers dream into their next purchase

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Frequently Asked Questions

While Better is an email builder, it's completely different from the builders you know. We've taken a completely new approach where design and content editing are no longer mixed together, while still giving the content team flexibility to create amazing campaigns. Once you try it, you will never want to go back!

We have a "one-click" integration with many of the popular ESPs (Mailchimp, Klaviyo and so on) and we are adding integrations all the time. Let us know what ESP you work with, and we can likely make an integration within days. Alternatively, you can always export the HTML and import it in the ESP directly!

Yes! You spend money and time on your existing template, so of course you can use it with Better. Usually it only takes a few hours to take a full email template design and convert it. It requires a little knowledge of Liquid, but it's easy to learn. Alternatively, we can help you - just contact us!

Don't worry, our email design experts can help you out. We've build hundreds of email designs, and can help build one that is just perfect for you. Contact us and we will make you an offer based on your needs.

We love working with agency experts! As an agency, you can get an agency account free of charge with access to your customers Better accounts. Contact us for more information!

An Email is a specific email build based on a Design, for example "Newsletter Week 39". On the Basic plan, you are limited to build a max 5 Emails / month.

A Template is the template or structure used to build your email. This is where all the HTML and settings are build. A Template contains multiple Components.

A Component is a specific part or section of a design that can be used in the Emails. For example "Article with large image" or "Product Highlight".

To build an Email, a marketeer selects a Template first and then drags in Components he/she wants to use in that specific Email.

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