Geomatic became better

Geomatic, the reputable Nordic data and analytics house chose for their email newsletters platform. With, Geomatic ensures a secure and smooth newsletter process from A to Z.  At Better Email, we are excited to have Geomatic onboard our mission to excel in the email marketing field, one email at a time.

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The Challanges

Geomatic’s CRM system had been the tool of choice for email marketing and when the system was phased out, they struggled to find an out of the box system that would be easy to implement without spending a lot of time and resources. For Geomatic newsletters are an extremely important channel.

This is how they stay connected with their customers regarding product updates, organizational changes, news, and events.

Geomatic reached out to the Better Email Team who helped them solve their challenges. Geomatic never looked back!

Easy to use templates

Better Email makes it as easy as child play to design beautiful newsletters. The platform makes use of straight forward drag and drop features for the different newsletter’s sections. On-brand content is created instinctively and fast.

Design manual is respected

Brand recognition

Free up time

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Design rules

Better Email features ensures that Geomatic employees can reach a final newsletter outcome respecting their design manual without any formal training. Images are automatically compressed and cropped for the optimal size, colours, font, logo, and slogan are incorporated in the  template. This ensures uniformity and no headaches in the Marcom department!

Brand design alignment

No need for Photoshop

No design experience required

Design that meets users

Geomatic templates are optimized for different device sizes. The templates stack each newsletter section like Lego blocks when they are accessed from smaller screens. This ensures that recipients have an accessible reading experience, whether they access the newsletter from a computer, tablet or mobile. This was an important feature for Geomatic to give receivers the intended look of the message.

Layout adapts to screen size

Images are minimized

Font sizes are optimized

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Key benefits

BLS have experienced a series of benefits from choosing the platforms for their email marketing

Time saved

With Better Email, Geomatic saves valuable hours creating campaigns each time. Estimated email production today is 20 min.


With their costumized template, Geomatic ensures their brand is still recognizable, even in the inbox, strengthening their brand.

Increased Deliverability

Ensuring images and code is optimized and un-tampered, Better Email increases the deliverability of Geomatic newsletters.

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